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Resolutions helps individuals and organizations manage and resolve conflict. Services include: mediation, training, facilitation and dispute resolutions system design. All our work is based on the premise that the solution to a problem among or between individuals lies within those individuals themselves. We facilitate the discovery of that solution.

Julie Denny, Founder and President

Julie DennyJulie Denny brings a unique combination of mediation, corporate and platform experience to her work. Before founding Resolutions in 1998, she spent fifteen years in marketing and business development for Dow Jones, McGraw-Hill and the Associated Press and four years as director of the Alliance for Mediation & Conflict Resolution.

In addition to mediating family and business disputes, Julie is an experienced consultant in organizational communication, working with clients to address specific communication issues through assessment, facilitation, training and negotiation.

Julie, an Advanced Practitioner member of the Association for Conflict Resolution, is also a member of the EEOC mediation panel, a trained US Postal Service mediator, an ADA mediator, working with the KeyBridge Foundation and the Department of Justice, and a Transportation Security Administration mediator. She has been featured in Court-TV, Bloomberg Network and NY-1 segments on mediation and conflict resolution. Julie has also been interviewed on a number of radio talk shows and has published several articles on mediation and conflict resolution. Her reviews of mediation and conflict resolution books appear regular in Library Journal.

She is a frequent speaker at conferences around the country on topics related to communication and conflict. Organizations she has addressed include the International Association of Conference Centers, both the New York and the American Society of Association Executives, the Academy of Family Mediators, the Association for Conflict Resolution, International Women in Communication and American Woman's Economic Development Corporation.

Julie, a graduate of Mount Holyoke College, received her mediation training from Divorce Mediation Training Associates in Cambridge, MA, the Dutchess County, NY Mediation Center, the Cornell University School of Industrial and Labor Relations, the KeyBridge Foundation and the United States Postal Service REDRESS program.

She is president elect of the New York Chapter of the Association for Conflict Resolution, a former member of the Advisory Council of the Family Section of the Association for Conflict Resolution and has served as a trustee of the Dutchess County Mediation Center and the National Alliance of Mediators. She is also a current trustee of New York Theatre Workshop, producers of the blockbuster Rent.

Before joining the business world, Denny spent ten years in the theater.


  • American Association of Advertising Agencies

  • American Express

  • Boyd City Dispatch

  • Chase Manhattan

  • Christie's

  • Draft Worldwide

  • Equal Employment Opportunity Commission/NY

  • Girl Scouts of the USA

  • Holiday Inn

  • International Conflict Resolution & Training

  • Johnson & Johnson

  • KeyBridge Foundation

  • Mid-Hudson Library System (70 libraries)

  • New York Women in Film & Television

  • NorthEast-Millerton Public Library

  • Roundabout Theatre Company

  • Scholastic, Inc.

  • U.S. Postal Service


"Julie was excellent. She had a profound sense of who we were as a group without knowing the profession real well."
Participant, Christie's, Inc., New York, NY
Conflict Management workshop for front desk staff
"Very good! Really involved audience and kept the group going. Included everyone!"
Participant, International Assoc. of Conference Centers workshop
"Seeing Eye to Eye When You're Face to Face."
"What did I like most about the program? The whole brilliant thing; the warmth and candor of the speaker."
Participant, Chase Manhattan, New York, NY
"How to Resolve Conflict with Mediation."
"Julie engaged a rather shy, diverse group of people, created a lively brainstorming session, and helped to generate a focus for the library's long range plan."
Carol Boeding, President, Board of Trustees
Northeast/Millerton Public Library, Millerton, NY
Series of Strategic Planning Task Force Meetings
"Julie's Guidelines were very good and her use of case studies a great idea."
Participant, American Society of Association Executives workshop
"Resolving Conflict Before It Escalates."
"The session was very relevant and has done a lot to help the agency and client's ongoing relationship."
Megan O'Connor, Group Account Director
Draft Worldwide
Teambuilding Session
"The program was highly informational and relevant with application for my personal and professional life…the interactive aspect drew us all into the discussion while illustrating concepts of conflict management. Julie is an outstanding trainer and someone who leaves a group with a profound impression of what was discussed."
Charlotte Tomic, Director, News & Information, St. Johns University
President, NY Women in Communications
Association of Women in Communications conference workshop
"Fighting Fair: How to Deal with Conflict in Your Workplace."
"Julie, you made us look good…You captured the audience's attention right away…leaving behind your "ten tips" was definitely a winner. Your handout was superb. Your last tip as I recall was 'Anticipate. A lot of conflict can be avoided by planning.' Obviously you put in a lot of planning because your presentation was well thought out, right on for the audience, and extremely professional."
Holly Munter, Vice President
Association Management Group, New York, NY
"Building a Winning Work Environment: An Informative Approach
to Management and Staff Relations"
"Your program was wonderful. The material you presented was fascinating and I'm so grateful to you. Anytime you need a quote for a brochure, call me!"
Teviot Fairservis, Director
East West Arts Center, Sharon, CT
"Managing Conflict in Your Lives"
"Great role plays! Good discussions! Good job!"
American Express Office of the Ombudsperson
"Neutrality and Mediation"
"I know this is what you do for a living and you are very good at it, but I'm still amazed that you were able to reduce what…seemed like horrendous rambling to a coherent picture of the process we waded through…Thanks for your invaluable guidance, perception, humor and patience!"
Margaret Keefe, Director
Grinnell Library Association
Mid-Hudson Library System
Extended Communication Task Force facilitation