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Every day groups that must work together face undefined barriers to productivity. Frequently, the most difficult thing about conflict is discovering what causes it.

With thorough fact-finding through staff interviews, work-flow evaluations and style assessments, an objective Resolutions consultant uncovers the causes of conflict and in conjunction with those directly involved, develops a plan, which may include several of the services below, to improve communications and work relations.


Resolutions provides customized communications training for organizations in such areas as mediation tools for managers, conflict management, effective negotiation, team-building, active listening and persuasive presentation.
  • Programs designed to meet your unique organizational needs.
  • Participatory, interactive learning--rather than teaching--experiences.
  • Combination of presentation, discussion, role playing and constructive feedback.
  • Continuous client involvement in development of training programs.

Dispute Resolution System Design

To avoid costly litigation and adverse exposure and maintain productivity and high company morale, organizations elect to put formal dispute resolution systems in place. Resolutions consultants use a collaborative process, working with representatives of all the stakeholders in the organization to help them identify and design the appropriate model for their own needs. In the design process, Resolutions consultants function as:
  • teachers - helping stakeholders learn about the nature of conflict and understand and appreciate diverse communication styles and effective negotiation techniques.
  • facilitators - assuring that all viewpoints have been heard and helping stakeholders to create and evaluate multiple options in the process.
  • cheer leaders - energizing and encouraging stakeholders as they work through the design process.
  • coaches - helping assess effectiveness of the process and providing guidance to stakeholders in the establishment and nurturing of new systems.

Meeting Facilitation

Resolutions consultants offer facilitation for meetings where participants have multiple agendas.

Using an external facilitator, who has no personal interest in any particular outcome, assures that all voices will be heard, allows full participation of all attendees, brings an objective set of eyes and ears to the table, ensures a creative, innovative approach to problem solving and provides full documentation of decisions made.


Julie Denny has spoken before dozens of large and small groups on conflict and related topics. Her presentations are dynamic, humorous, informative and always tailored to the group she addresses. Attendees consistently comment on the relevance of her remarks.

Groups she has addressed include:
  • Academy of Family Mediators
  • American Society of Association Executives
  • American Women's Economic Development Corp.
  • Brooklyn Law School Mediation Students
  • Business and Professional Women
  • Business Women's Network
  • International Women in Communication
  • International Association of Conference Centers (IACC)
  • Marist College Graduate Business Law
  • New England Gathering of Family Mediators
  • NY Society of Association Executives
  • NY Women in Communication
  • Norfolk Public Library
  • Northwest Mental Health Center
  • Salisbury Chamber of Commerce
  • Sharon Women's Club
Sample titles include:
  • The Art of Creative Conflict
  • Negotiating Your Way out of a Paper Bag…and More Difficult Situations
  • Seeing Eye to Eye When You're Face to Face
  • Resolving Conflict Before It Escalates
  • You Don't Have to Make a Speech to Make a Presentation
  • Mediation for Managers
  • Ten Steps to Resolution
  • Give Them What They Want and Get What You Need
  • Working with Difficult Clients/Partners/Colleagues
  • Having Difficult Conversations